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Frequently Asked Questions


How much do you charge?
Our pricing is divided into 3 packages (starting at $5,150) which you can view on our pricing page.

Your packages say “full coverage all day long” How many hours is this?
All weddings are different, so we don’t have “set” hours, we stay with you until the end. It usually works out to be anywhere from 8 to 14 hours on average, sometimes more for the big weddings! We arrive when hair and makeup begins, and we stay till late. We don’t want to miss the bouquet toss, and we like to be there for the celebrations and dancing. That said, there are only so many dancing photos we can capture - if for instance we have already photographed 1-2 hours of dancing and no other reception festivities are happening for the rest of the night then we will say our goodbyes and leave knowing we captured more than enough.

Can you customise your packages to suit our budget?
The short answer is no. The only time this would be considered is if you had a very small wedding that required significantly less coverage. If you want 2 photographers and anywhere from 7-14+ hours coverage, then the packages are fixed. 

Why is wedding photography so expensive?
We could provide a detailed cost breakdown that summarises all the extra days work that are involved in shooting a single wedding, or we could list all our equipment and studio costs, maybe we could even start talking tax (ew, no thanks). At the end of the day, only an accountant would want to hear about those kinds of numbers.

After the big day, the food and alcohol will be digested, the decorations returned, the flowers will wilt, the venue will fade off into the back of your mind, the music will leave a faint ringing in your ears, makeup will be wiped away, hair will be let down and the dress will return to its hanger.

One thing will remain though, yep, you guessed it! The photos. 

The photos hold longevity, and along with video content, they hold the most utility of all the other expenses involved. Some may even say their value increases with time, some may view them as priceless! At the end of the day, as the old saying goes, you get what you pay for :)

What is the second shoot on location with 1 photographer in Package 3?
If individual couple photos are really important to you then you may just want more! 

If (for example) you have a CBD wedding, but you also wanted wedding photos taken down by the seaside atop a cliff at Flinders, then this probably can’t be done within the time-frame of your wedding day. This second shoot is a way for you to get extra wedding photos on a separate day without the stress of the actual wedding itself, you just have to not mind getting all dressed up again!

Some couples use this second shoot as an engagement shoot before the wedding too, it can be done either way.

Who do we get when we hire Lumiere Weddings?
You get us! No second shooters, no other surprise staff. Lumiere weddings is made up of Janaka and Rachael. The only time you would ever get a second shooter is if one of us is out of action due to unforeseen circumstances. Which, by the way, has never happened *touch wood*

Do you only work together or can we have 1 photographer?
Generally yes, we work together well, and it is beneficial to be able to be in two places at once, as it allows us to split up for the getting ready shots and sometimes we split up again to capture reception details before the guests arrive.

We believe most weddings call for 2 photographers and the only time we shoot alone is for very, very small weddings that require less coverage.

What is your style?
Our style is purely journalistic, we don’t take over your day and boss people around, we have a fly on the wall approach, favouring real, candid moments. We will, however, help you with some natural poses when shooting the individual couple shots. And we are happy to capture family group shots as long as you round them up!

How do you edit?
We don’t like super processed or over-saturated editing styles. We keep it pretty natural and seek inspiration from the tones you find in 35mm film photography. Primarily the work you see in our portfolio of work sums up our style.

We supply a mixture of black and white and colour. Typically, some images lend themselves more to black and white processing, this may be due to a particular lighting situation or because there is a distracting element in the background.

Where can we see more of your work?
Our portfolio page has over 20 separate galleries that you can look through.

Do you do video?
If we did, we would have definitely mentioned it! We just focus on photography, video is a whole other bandwagon to jump on, and we haven’t got to that, yet ;) 

Do you only shoot weddings?
No, we are both freelance photographers during the work-week, and Rachael is also an illustrator and graphic designer. We have our own separate freelance businesses, but we combine our skills for weddings. You can view our work here: and

Can we meet?
Yes of course! We don’t charge for consultations, and we generally meet clients at our Northcote photography studio.

How do we pay?
We require a 25% deposit of your chosen package to secure the day, and then the remaining can be paid on your own terms, whether this is in full or by instalments. We just require the full payment at least one week before the day of the wedding.

Do we have to sign a contract?
Yes. Just for the “just in case moments”, there are no hidden nasties in our contract, and we are happy to answer any questions. Thankfully, nothing terrible has ever happened to us or any of our clients.

Do we have to feed you on the day?
It is nice if we do get a meal, yes. It is a long day, and there isn’t a break for us until around mid-reception. We are happy to eat out the back with the band, but we definitely recommend serving our meal at the same time as your guests so that we don’t miss any action, nobody needs shots of their guests mid-mouthful after all :P 

Do you have any dietary requirements?
We are both vegan, let us know if this is an issue and we can work something out.